this week at the FPL

We began baking day at the Front Porch Library by chewing on some kernels of whole wheat—we were making whole wheat muffins and we wanted them to appreciate the “wholeness” of it. A roomful of kids seriously chewing created a momentary and great silence.

The liveliest part of the venture was cracking and shelling pecans. The kitchen floor got crunchy fast. We made three batches of muffins in teams. With nuts, without, each sweetened with a different kind of jam. Most stuck, none rose very well—darn that old can of baking powder–but they were good hot and slathered with jam.

Anyone not baking was doing origami or play doh or jump rope. One kid even read a book. One of our boys who has some anger issues was having a rough day, but with our super volunteers we coped—what a great day to get Dana, a new Key Club volunteer who was about six foot thirteen, and kind and gentle—and plans to study particle physics—there must be some kind of particle physics program we could put on at the FPL, don’t you think?

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