this week at the FPL

Library day is often a surprise (make that always). Today the plan was, ice the cake, do some origami, see if we could make some of those old-fashioned silhouettes—what we didn’t know until a few minutes before library began was that Leon High’s Key Club would send us a huge number of volunteers—the cars pulled up, parents dropped students off. We had six kids and about fifteen volunteers—and it turned out so well. The Key Club students organized and culled the collection. They gave the kids a crash course in folding paper cranes (Thanks Emily—the head of Key Club who folded 1,000 paper cranes for a family wedding), played bingo and graciously lost to Austin, and quizzed Nadia on words that begin with S. That left me free to oversee the wobbly light, the paper taped to the door, the drawing of silhouettes that made everyone look like a lumpy potato (very good for laughs). Thanks Key Club (and all those driving parents)!

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