Kids Find Clues, Solve a Mystery

Measuring wind speed while making his own wind

Ever wonder how fast air is moving when you blow out a candle?  Kids at The Front Porch Library (SM) found out when they used a hand-held weather station to measure wind speed.  This was just one of the mysteries revealed when teams — led by the intrepid FSU Circle K volunteers Arsenio, Antonio, and Elisa — completed an elaborate scavenger hunt.  There were mystery items to identify, mystery smells, a search for a heart-shaped leaf, a book with a fruit on its title, and many more.  In case you wondered, the peanut butter jar held 777 dried beans … and it wasn’t even full!

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After the scavenger hunt, each team had to solve a riddle to reveal a clue leading to the missing cake.  Fortunately, the sleuths prevailed.  Special thanks to Adrian (mystery writer), Tracy (Encyclopedia Brown reader), Circle K & neighborhood volunteers, parents, and kids for making it a super-special day.

Team Arsenio
15.2 miles per hour as measured by the hand-held weather station
Can you name the animal this skull came from?
Team Antonio
Is this a leaf with serrated edges?
Is this from a dinosaur?
"I know!!"
Now what does that do?

3 thoughts on “Kids Find Clues, Solve a Mystery”

  1. This program went so well! It was stealth education. The kids were learning painlessly while thinking they were having a good time–and actually they were! Thanks for this great post Kary.

    Adrian (the original bean counter)

    1. Hi Amy — it’s the library’s birthday. Hope you can join us. You can see more pictures by clicking on the “read more” button. It also lets you see more pictures

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