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Followers of the Front Porch Library may be wondering, heck, did they just close their doors last week? Heck no, but I was at a writer’s retreat and the troops carried on without me–and it sounds as if they had their hands beyond full. If you want proof, Kary posted the photos on our library site:

This week turned out to be a teacher planning day–the only kids who came were the twins, Harper and Danny, who conveniently arrived right about cake time. The adults and their wiser teenage understudies spent the time listing “what we are really trying to teach.” The list included things like respect and delayed gratification–and, oh yeah, reading.

We pulled together programs for future weeks–and then, with just a little help from the twins we attacked the cake which was decorated by three of our wiser teenage understudies–who were at least as messy as the kids when decorating. I wish I could remember exactly what the squiggle-on icing said…something about Jorge being the coolest guy ever. Jorge is a veteran of four years of volunteering at our library. I have been writing him letters of recommendation for college, while secretly hoping he stays in high school forever. Sunday will not be Sunday without him.

It was a quiet day at the FPL–and exactly what we needed; a little time to pull our act together!

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this week at the FPL

This week’s story is told in pictures mostly.  There was more clay exploration with Meg, some rag rug-making, reading, and an enthusiastically decorated cake.

DSC04362 DSC04363 DSC04365 DSC04366 DSC04367 DSC04369 DSC04370 DSC04371 DSC04372 DSC04373 DSC04374 DSC04376

this week at the FPL

DSC04322 DSC04334 DSC04358DSC04321

It was Halloween party day at the Front Porch Library. What a gathering! Let me just say I can’t remember the last time I have felt this tired–but happy, yup, very happy. We had kids and kids and volunteers and volunteers.

John was in the kitchen cooking up the glue for popcorn balls–what a great smell (not really glue, but lots of Karo Syrup, sweetener of my youth).

Outside, Meg and the kids were making masks with fabric and real glue (Elmer’s, glue of my youth) Kary and Hanna handled the face painting. The costume table was in full swing.

Meanwhile, we had three large pumpkins. It is a little known fact that you can get at least three faces on a pumpkin if it is big enough. Carving was handled by Michael and Cole–the kids drew the faces on with magic markers. Giving them knives seemed unwise, even to me.

The guts of the pumpkins went home with Meg who lives on the corner and has chickens.

For my part, I told that not-so-famous scary story, The Hairy Toe.

Apples floated in a wash tub. The apple bobbing champ was Corrin, with ten apples in two minutes–and Jorge had twisted the stems off to make it a greater challenge. I now have a large number of apples with bite marks in them. Don’t worry, I’ll work around those bite marks.

Cut-throat games of Spot-It were played on the rug in the living room. The kids almost always beat the volunteers who are not cutting them slack. It takes a great deal of humility to accept being beaten by a four-year-old. Luckily, we have some seriously humble volunteers.

Finally, I have to mention the GIANT CAKE given to us by Roberta Losee Burton It must have weighed 12 pounds. It was a huge hit and what was left over went home to four different families. What a great party at the library!

Join the neighborhood clean-up …

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For those wanting a chance to help in the neighborhood before the next FPL Sunday, there will be a Seminole Manor Community Garden Workday and Neighborhood Clean-up on Saturday, starting at 9am.  There will be donuts, some friendly neighborhood chatter, and the chance to Make a Difference in our little corner of Tallahassee.

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this week at the FPL

DSC04232 DSC04243 DSC04247

DeeDee has been bugging me for cupcakes at the library every time I run into him. “Miss Adrian, why don’t we ever have cupcakes anymore?” The answer is complex. a. they cannot be divided into as many servings as might be needed on a boom day, b. you have to make real icing, not drizzle, and c. those little paper liners you bake them in cost money, but we made them today (John Woodward in charge of the kitchen). I think DeeDee was pleased, but sensing my weakness he said, “And when are we going to have gingerbread again?” I’ll say one thing for DeeDee. He has a great memory for all his gastronomic experiences at the FPL.

But what did we do today besides consume sugar? We talked about butterflies–it is butterfly season here. Yes, they really do taste things with their feet. We talked about the community garden and the upcoming work day. Some of the kids said they’d seen the fliers Miss Kary stuck on every mail box. What did they notice? The free donuts.

We did a blind relay race–which was very cool. Each team had a volunteer and a kid. One was blindfolded and the other gave directions on where to go and what tasks to perform, which included things like opening a box and identifying the object inside by feel, locating a saw horse, deciding how it was oriented and putting it back on its feet, finding the killer whale floating in the wash tub, counting rocks and putting them in a container, spinning a globe and stopping it with a finger–which was repeated until the finger hit land. Oh boy, Patagonia!

I loved watching the blindfolded half of the team find their way by feel, and hearing the one giving directions say things like, “No, your other left.”

We did A LOT of reading–we give treat rewards, which we have to replace with a strategy requiring less sugar, but it was a booming day at the library. By my rough count we had 13 kids, which may not sound like a huge number, but imagine them all in motion–especially after consuming their I-read-a-book treats.


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