Happy Holidays from the FPL

cookie4Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and happy new year.

The Front Porch Library will be closed on December 28, 2014.

See you next year!

This week at the FPL

DSC04420 DSC04422 DSC04428 DSC04429 DSC04431 DSC04432An amazing group of volunteers joined us today.  They sorted books and craft supplies, kept eyes on the 8 year-olds who move at about a mile-a-minute, played basketball, made potholders, invented clothing for Rocky Jr. the pet rock, and helped us eat cake.  Midday through the afternoon an old school version of box ball (a.k.a. four square) took place.  Harper held his place for an impressive amount of time.  Also, we now know Jorge’s varsity sport.  He’s been a reigning box ball champion since the third grade.

John and Hanna made sure that reading took place.  Ray made sure that epic battles could be staged in miniature with a new old set of Lincoln Logs and army guys.  Adrian went off to sing, and still it was another great day at the library.  Couldn’t have done it without volunteers.  Thanks everybody — you know who you are.

this week at the FPL


Today at the Front Porch Library Kalesia and Justice, who moved out of the neighborhood came back–with an excused absence for the two weeks they missed. The flu. I am so accustomed to kids vanishing –and it breaks my heart every time, but having these two come back did me a world of good. These sisters have birthdays on consecutive days,tomorrow and Tuesday. We hit the prize box for a round of choose-your-own birthday present.

We were also giving away three ring binders and almost eight-year-old Kalesia claimed three, hunted down the package of notebook paper and dividers and assembled herself three working notebooks. Kalesia is already a teacher-in-training.

Miss Heather taught magnetism–a magnetism hunt ensued. What will a magnet stick to anyway?

Meg brought back the fired tiles for glazing and shared the sad news that taco man blew up in the kiln (sorry MLS).

Mr. John ran the kitchen where whole wheat jam muffins were baked. Cole listened to readers and generally helped out.

In the street, a bunch of older boys were shooting hoops with Hunter. My lecture to them was very simple. Be nice to the little kids and no cursing. When the muffins were carried out to the picnic tables in the driveway they instantly abandoned the hoop and sat, incredibly politely, waiting for hot muffins with butter and jam. That was one of my favorite moments; five teen and nearly-teen guys, not cursing, leaning expectantly toward a tray of muffins.

News from Seminole Manor

Read the latest newsletter here …

this week at the FPL


Last week we took a vote and decided to close the library to kids today and have a work day–and work we did. We evicted spiders from nonfiction and the series cupboard (Jorge was the official spider evictor–no spiders were harmed).

We shook the dust out of the rug, hung new posters. Cole and Tiffany went through all the board games making sure they were complete and not too redundant–how many Scrabble games does the FPL really need? Mr. John cleaned and straightened out the cupboard where we store two library essentials: cake decorating supplies and Bandaids, meanwhile, his wife, Vikki repainted our sign at one of the tables in the driveway.

The kids did not totally stay away. Zion, who knocked on my door at twenty minute intervals all day up until library time distributed fliers with our ever-faithful volunteer Hunter. Joe wheezed in with a really bad case of bronchitis and alphabetized our library check-out cards, but with a twist. Joe’s alphabet begins with Z and ends with A.

For snack I pulled out a greatest-hits selection of frozen cake from weeks past. I don’t know why, but the leftover chunks (with the exception of a skinny bit of spice cake) were all chocolate: chocolate with blue icing, chocolate with eyeball sprinkles, chocolate with hot pink drips…you get the idea.

So, the library is cleaner and better organized, There are a fair number of homeless spiders wandering the porch aimlessly, and the supply of used cake is way down. Another good day at the FPL.

FPL closed this Sunday – Volunteer workday instead

recycled printing5

Dear citizens of the democratic republic of the Front Porch Library,

In an overwhelming show of hands it was voted that this coming Sunday we would be closed to kids,
but stage a much needed volunteer workday. I hope we will do everything from leafleting the neighborhood
to make up for our recent exodus of kids to cataloging, shelf reading, poster hanging and
testing out the library microscope to see if it works.
Please feel free to add suggestions of your own!
I hope to see a good group on Sunday–and in the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Miss Adrian

this week at the FPL


A rainy day at the FPL. I knew we would be doing everything indoors so I didn’t bake the cake. Mr. John and the twins took care of that. Spurning the electric mixer they used the old hand-crank egg beater–Mr. John confided, “It might be over-mixed, the boys were exuberant.” I said, “I didn’t know a cake could be over-mixed.” He assured me it could. We ate it warm with drizzle icing–it seemed to have survived the zealous mixing of Harper and Danny.

I brought over my guitar. It was our volunteer, Tiffany’s birthday and I wanted to hear her play (I know, I should have done something for her, but she was very nice and obliged). So did our other volunteer, Michael. Boy were they good. We had background music for the whole two hours.

Meanwhile, Jorge and Talese tackled the back room (this could happen once a week and we would still be suffering relative chaos as donations appear on the porch regularly). For now, this minute, the storage room looks good.

Johnny brought a whole new crop of kids over to shoot hoops, then the rain started and everyone came inside to read and draw and eat warm chocolate cake. One girl who likes to cook went home with a donated copy of Joy of Cooking. This group came from the nearby trailer park, the Meadows, and the next neighborhood over, Mabry Manor. Our great volunteer Hunter (who can’t get away from the library because he lives next door) drove them all home in the rain (thank you Hunter!).

We did one more song, then the twins piled into a volunteer’s car and were driven to the corner–yes, it was raining that hard.

A great, musical day at the library–and the warm chocolate cake was to die for.


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