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I’m not sure why, but today was future day at the FPL. It might have been the blinking-light Dr. Demento glasses Ray found at Goodwill. We began by deciding what these great future glasses would show us. Excellent vision of course–see that mosquito on the wall of the house across the street? But we came around to future glasses being able do divulge the future. We took turns putting them on and seeing each other’s futures. It seemed we had, among us, one entomologist, and a whole bunch of psychologists–I know, I don’t get it either.

Then we began building future structures with all tinker-toys. The future Statue of Liberty will be a rickety affair. The future human will have arms growing out of his or her head–above the ears in case you are wondering.

Then Kwili asked if it would be possible to play some future football in the street. So he and our volunteer, Michael, played some future football in the street. It seemed remarkably like the current football played in the street in front of the library from time to time.

The twins drew future pictures in which humanity had to resort to eating poop. This is not an unusual prediction for the twins who just like drawing brown peanut shapes and writing the word poop.

Chloe and I made a floor puzzle in the kitchen, ignoring the future entirely–what is there to look forward to if we will all be eating poop?

Joe showed up about two minutes after the library closed, scouting for a small suitcase, hoping to be included in a college tour this summer. Luckily, we are a full-service library. Luckilier, someone just gave us a book donation in a decent small suitcase. Joe walked down the road trailing his college-bound suitcase.

And the library goes on, in the present, which I think is for the best.

this week at the FPL


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Craig and I played for Echo’s Empty Bowl fundraiser, but the library was in super good hands with Ms. Heather in charge and all the great volunteers who come for no more pay than a piece of cake, or, this week, a little mud pie with a gummy worm in it. Thanks everybody–you even took pictures–I owe you all big-time.

Next week, Easter, the library will be closed for some family time all around. We’ll be back!

Adrian, we missed you this week at Front Porch Library. Hope you had fun singing – here’s a rundown of the afternoon:

It was a busy day at FPL today! Our wonderful Key club volunteers and Hunter showed up to help out as we dyed Easter eggs, used giant cardboard boxes as space ships, and of course, checked out books. Someone donated a tub of Legos which Harper and Danny dived into immediately (see photo). One and a half year old Lexxie showed up with her mom and dad and together they built a megabuck tower. After they left, Klark and Kweli joined Hope in adding a few more feet to bring it up to eye level.

Instead of cake, we tried something new today and made “dirt pies” (chocolate pudding with crumbled oreos on top). Our newest library-goer Kweli helped make the pudding and Harper smashed the oreos. After the kids painted flower pots to put their “dirt pies” into, they added gummy worms and a flower to complete their welcome to spring. Check out the final product!

this week at the FPL

Today was a race to get ready for Library time. Between FPL gatherings our hot water heater died, leaking all over the back room. As of this morning the contents of that room and all Ray’s plumbing supplies were spread throughout the house.

He was working on it, I was trying to clean the house without the help of water when Jackie arrived. It was 10 am, library starts at 4. “My grandmother told me to go to the library and help Miss Adrian get ready.” He messed around building things in the living room. I cleaned around him. Before departing, he showed me a painful trick on his bicycle–the front brake stopped the trick a little suddenly.

At the community garden the collards are suddenly bolting. I filled my wheel barrow with them and brought them to the library where the first order of business was stripping and trimming them. At first it was just me, Talese, Jorge and Cole–all volunteers, but then the kids began to come in. And come in.

We had carrots from the garden too (yup I started the healthy snack thing this week with carrots and celery stuffed with peanut butter). Who knew that the most popular activity of the day would be, not eating the healthy snack, but chopping the carrots up with sharp knives, then wondering if there might be any ranch dressing available…?

Meanwhile, inside the house the carton from the water heater was being converted into a vehicle for intergalactic travel. Markers were put to use decorating the box both outside and in. Harper was stationed inside the box drawing the controls for the space ship. With a couple more weeks work it should be ready for launch.

Meanwhile, bags of collards went home with kids–and I need to clean up again. Still, it was a mighty fine day at the library.

this week at the FPL

Our numbers at the Front Porch Library went zooming up again today, as I would have predicted because the knocks at the door started early and came often. “Is it time for library yet?”

Today’s program was an improv acting exercise. All the chairs were set out on the lawn for the audience along with a table full of props. Two actors would be on the front lawn stage. I’d hand one a prop and an opening line. Our first sketch had our tolerant volunteer Michael under a blanket and a kid saying, “My what a comfortable looking sofa. I think I’ll sit down.” The sofa, of course, engulfed the kid in short order.

One prop, one opening line, and the kids would go from there (although admittedly not very far), but some of the kids, like DeeDee really got into it, lowering his voice as the sheriff in the big black hat. “So, your cattle is missing?”

In the kitchen we broke out a donation of two boxes of big chocolate men (gingerbread men, only not) and icing for decorating.

Joe and Zion were at the center of castle building on the living room rug.

Kids read aloud to volunteers. Chloe cooked plastic food in a wok that was among the props for improv. Jackie had a bike crash on the street that was cured with a freeze pop.

Friends, we know that a lot of you follow our very local effort. Lately we have noticed that an occasional kid comes to the library genuinely hungry and we would like to institute a new tradition of putting out a healthy snack at the beginning of each library gathering.

As always, we are shoe-stringing along. If you’d like to make a small contribution our wonderful Miss Kary has set up the site to take pay pal. So, here is the link to us, along with photos of the library in action:

Another lively and amazing day at the FPL!


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